We are no longer accepting applications for the Class of 2018-2019. We will begin accepting application for the 2019-2020 class in the new year. Please check back at that time.

Golden residents, residents of adjacent communities with Golden mailing addresses (Pleasant View, Lookout Mountain, etc.), and people who own businesses or work in Golden are eligible to participate and welcome to apply.

Application Process

To be considered for the Leadership Golden program please complete our three step process:

1.    Read our Participant Commitment Description to ensure you are aligned with the requirements of the program.

2.    Check out this year’s class session calendar to confirm your availability for the program’s scheduled events.

3.    Complete the application no later than July 31st.

Please note: Because the Leadership Golden program is available to a limited number of participants each year, candidates must thoroughly complete the following form for consideration by the selection committee.

Participant COMMITMENT Description

Participants of the Leadership Golden Program commit to the following:

During the program:

  • Attend the all-day Leadership Orientation. It is a requirement that participants attend this event. If you are unable to attend, you are encouraged to re-apply for the following year.

  • Attend all class sessions. If a participant has two (2) absences, that participant may continue to attend the sessions, but graduation will be delayed until the following year when at least one of the sessions missed has been made up.

  • If a participant has three (3) or more absences, that participant will be removed from the current year's program and may re-apply for the program the following year.

  • Fundraising. Participate in the annual holiday ornament sale or make a donation of an equal amount to expected sales.

Following graduation:

  • Become a dues paying member of the Leadership Golden Alumni Association.

  • Volunteer your talents, time and/or energy to the greater Golden area.

  • Participate in the Leadership Golden Alumni Association and its activities, which could include, but are not limited to:

    • Fundraising efforts, which fund future Leadership Golden programs.

    • Serve as a member of the LGAA Board of Directors.

    • Serve as a member of the Leadership Golden Steering Committee.

    • Attend the LGAA annual meetings.

    • Promote Leadership Golden and LGAA Programs.

Leadership Golden Class Participant Application

We are no longer accepting applications for the Class of 2017-2018. This form will be available to submit for the Class of 2018-2019 in the New Year. We look forward to receiving your application then.